M665/M666 missing from resurrect.g file after 2nd resurrection

  • Hello everyone!

    This is the system i'm running:

    Firmware Name:		RepRapFirmware for Duet
    Firmware Electronics:	Duet 0.85
    Firmware Version:	1.23 (2018-12-24b1)
    Web Interface Version:	1.22.6

    The machine is a custom built delta printer with single hotend.

    I'm currently using the resurrect feature of the firmware to print a few big objects that take multiple days. I need to power off the printer at night or when i'm away and don't want to leave the printer unattended.
    So far it has been working flawlessly. From one day to the other you cannot even see any seam lines across the model at the layer where the print was halted. Unfortunately, this is only true for the first time i resurrect any print.

    I noticed that the autogenerated "resurrect.g" file will contain the M665 and M666 commands (along with their autocalbrated parameters) only if during the print job the delta autocalibration routine was called.
    So they are reported only for the frist time that the "resurrect.g" is generated, because the autocalibration was performed at the beginning of the print.

    When the print process is paused and resurrected a second time, the "resurrect.g" file won't contain the M665 + M666 parameters. I suspect it is so because autocalibration wasn't performed after the first resurrection (or any other after that). But of course it cannot be performed because there is a partially printed object on the plate.
    So maybe if this may be the problem, it would be useful to carry over the machine autocalibrated parameters (M665 + M666 commands) from one resurrection to the other.

    At the moment i can manually save them grabbing the output of M665/M666 and manually entering them before running "M98 Presurrect.g", but if i forget to do that i will loose the autocalibrated parameters and the print won't be perfect.

    Thank you for your insight!

  • administrators

    Added to my list of issues to look at.

  • Thank you for your attention! 🙂

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