Thermocouple Board Issues

  • I'm having an issue connecting our thermocouple daughterboard to our Duet WiFi 2, and I am hoping someone can give some advice.

    Board: Duet WiFi 2
    Firmware Version: 1.18
    Daughter Board Version: 1.1 (MAX31856)

    I configured the firmware to use MAX31856 on CS1 for the first hotend, and MAX31856 on CS2 for the second one. Both are K-type thermocouples.

    When I go into the Duet Web Interface, the temperature will read as an error, whether there is nothing, a thermocouple, or a wire between the terminals. I tried sending an M305 P1 X150 to the board, but it responds that it is out of range. Sending an M305 P1 X100 works, and sets the temperature 2000C, no matter what.

    I'm guessing at this point it is an issue with the firmware for the board being outdated, but I was hoping to avoid updating the firmware for as long as possible. Any other thoughts on what it might be?

  • administrators

    Support for the MAX31856 thermocouple adapter was added in firmware 1.19.

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