Maestro LAN issue

  • Hi ☺

    I have a problem with my LAN.
    When I connect my Maestro to the Fritz Box I can access the board. But if I use the laptop directly via LAN or another router I can't establish the connection. But as soon as the Fritz Box comes into play it works again. What am I doing wrong?

  • did you set a static ip in maestro? on a direct connection the dhcp server is missing so the maestro will not get an ip.

  • Yes it is static ip.

  • also for a direct connection you might need a crossover lan cable, depending on whether your laptop supports autosensing.

  • Yes i use the cross over LAN cabel for the direkt connection and if i will use the Hub the normal LAN cable.

  • Somehow it must be related to DHCP. The Router write " Broadcasting Dhcp_discover", but why is that if I put the Fritzbox on the router?

    It works: 💪
    After changing the Static ip.
    New: M552 P192.168.1.121 S1
    Old: M552 P192.168.178.121 S1

    I think it comes from the Router.

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