DWC 2 Issue displaying heightmap

  • I've been making a number of changes to my bed mounting and thus have been running a number of G29s. I've noticed that the DWC will often/always not update the heightmap graphic on subsequent G29s. If I try to refresh the page I often get the message "cannot read property 'for each' of null" in the graphic window. If I switch to another DWC page several times and then go back and try to show the map it almost always works. A few times I gave up and closed the DWC browser tab. Reopening the DWC always works.

    This is with the latest 2.02 on a Maestro and with DWC 2.0.0-RC3.

  • I'm replying to my own post to bump this as the issue is still present in the most recent versions of the firmware and DWC. I have verified that the printer is generating a new updated heightmap.csv file for each G29 but the DWC is not updating the graphic.

    I've have run with a number of different browsers with Brave being the most recent with no change.

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    Hi, can you confirm the exact firmware and DWC version you're using?

  • @Phaedrux


    Here are the current version strings from the printer:

    Board: Duet 2 Maestro (2Maestro)
    Firmware: RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 Maestro 3.2-beta1 (2020-09-15b1)

    Duet Web Control 3.2.0-beta1+2

  • @Veti
    I saw that but I wonder if my issue is basically the same problem or not. Generally, I don't get the "cannot read..." error unless I try to refresh the page after displaying the heightmap. What I see is that the map displayed does not change between G29s even if I introduce drastic errors in the bed height. Usually I need to close the DWC tab and reopen to see the updated map.

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    It would be helpful if you could switch to 3.1.1 to see if either problem is still present as that's the latest stable release.

  • I'll try that later this afternoon. I don't expect much joy as I've had the issue back to 2.02 on the Maestro with DWC 2.0.0-RC3

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    What browser?

  • Currently Brave V1.14.84. Previously, Chrome and Firefox - not sure of the versions.

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    I'd give chrome a shot to see if it's browser related.

  • OK, I have not yet tried to move back down to 3.1.1 but since I saw that 3.2.0-beta2 was released I thought I'd try it. Mixed results.
    Here's the results with various browsers

    Chrome 64 bit 85.0.4183.121
    Still does not automatically update the graphic when you click on heightmap. If you manually reload the page you now see the updated map. I no longer get the "cannot read..." error message. So, an improvement.

    Firefox 64 bit 71.0
    When you click heightmap you see a flash of the graphic and then nothing. If you click on the "invert z coordinates" the map graph is then displayed. You still need to reload the page to see the updated graphic.

    Brave 64 bit 1.18.84 Basically the same as Firefox.

    Edge 64 bit 85.0.564.68 Basically the same as Chrome

    Internet Explorer 64 bit 11.508.19041.0
    This is interesting in that it never shows any DWC page. All you see is a blank page.

    This is all on Windows Pro version 2004 64 bit with all updates as of this afternoon.

    I'll try 3.1 but I don't expect any change.

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