Continue print after power cut, after manually homing first

  • Hi all,

    I was wondering if there is a feature, where after power loss, I visit my printer, do the homing manually and then initiate onto printing continuation??

    I don't want the machine to automatically resume the print, because there is no solution for Z0 accurate homing.

    Is there a command, which can ''resume print'', after I have homed all my axes manually??

    Thank you for your time

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  • yes I have. I have read all the posts regarding the printer continuation after power failure.

    All of them discuss auto-homing preferences.
    If I just create this file and leave it blank empty, won't I be able to resume printing even after I home manually?

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    @dc42 said in Continue print after power cut, after manually homing first:

    You can setup your ressurect-prologue.g macro to home the printer however you like, including manually.

    At the very least, your sys/resurrect-prologue.g file must do the following:

    Home the printer, without crashing the head into the print. On a delta, or on a Cartesian or CoreXY printer with a Z max homing switch, you can home all axes. On other types of printers you may have to skip homing Z and use a G92 command to tell the printer the current Z coordinate. If you choose not to home an axis, then even if the print head hasn't moved since power down, the motor positions will change by up to 4 full steps compared to their position at power down. Note: recent firmware versions write a G92 command containing the coordinates at the time of failure into resurrect.g, just before the call to resurrect-prologue.g. So you may get away without homing axes. But it is still best to home any axes that you can (typically X and Y on a cartesian or CoreXY printer).

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