Endstop issue

  • Im building my printer and had the basics wired to check it all out, XY steppers and XY endstops. Everything worked fine but after I wired everything up in a nice wire loom/harness only the X axis homes correctly. The Y axis acts as if wherever it is at triggers the switch and sets that as the origin. My endstops are NC so when not switched the LEDs are on. I verified they work and when switched the LED goes off. Is it possible that I am getting interference or something from the stepper motors now that I have everything in a single wire loom instead of loose when testing it?

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    Yes, it's possible. The endstop wires can pick up inductive or capacitive coupling from other wires, in particular stepper motors wires. With NC switches, inductive coupling is more likely to be the problem. To eliminate it, use twisted pair cable for the endstop wires and/or two twisted pairs for the stepper motor wires (one per phase). Or provide a greater separation distance between the endstop wires and the stepper motor wires.

  • Thanks for the information. Time to re-wire lol.... i hate wiring but a good job is very satisfying.

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