Dual Y motors

  • My Folgertech Ft5 R2 has two motors on the Y axis and 1 on the Z and X axis. The board seems to support connecting two motors to the Z.

    Is there a way to configure the Duet WiFi to swap the Y and Z outputs on the board so I can take advantage of the option B?

    In my MKS-GEN 1.4 board I simply used a splitter and and connected the two motors in parallel using a single driver and it has worked perfectly. On my homemade CNC machine the board and software (Mach4) allows me to rearrange where the axis show up on the interface. Kind of hoping the Duet allows the same thing.

    By the way, my Duet won't arrive until next week so I have been 'studying' the Duet in preparation. I will say this, your documentation is superb! And there is a lot of it!


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    You have a few options. The Z motor connectors on the board can be used to drive two motors as a single axis. Or you could use one of the separate extruder drivers, provided it is free. Either way you would need to re-assign the drivers in config.g

    A splitter cable could also be an option, though less ideal.

    Just as an example, here is how to use two indepentent drivers and motors for the z axis to enable bed leveling. https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Bed_levelling_using_multiple_independent_Z_motors


  • Thanks for the reply. I don't have two extruders at this time so I will probably use the method you suggested.

  • I run dual y motors. I just mapped them to the driver with 2 connectors and moved the z to suit

  • I have the same machine and use the splitter. No problems, just use 1.5+ amps, I have mine set to 1.7

    Not going to fix what isn't broken.

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