DWC Feature request

  • Is it possible for the DWC to ask for confirmation for some buttons while the printer is printing? I just shot myself in the foot. I now have both printers running on Duets so I have two web pages open to control them. While one printer was 3 hours into a print I got distracted and clicked home all on the wrong page and screwed up the print. It was my fault but if the DWC can know the printer is printing a "Are you sure?" prompt would be helpful.

  • @davea
    Please Note: while I am certain that this will be seen and replied to by Duet. They do have a different forum for Requests. I posted my request to this forum too... -Not that I think my opinion matters much to Duet, owning only one Maestro. I think this is a useful feature to request, but how best to implement is the difficult question.

    • I think this should be added as a global OPTION. To make it enable confirmation for all or most buttons or always off.

    • I have seen similar function added to many other interfaces, and I appreciate when feature like this are enabled by choice as sometimes they are useful and some times not.

    • I think that this could be added as a per feature enabled but I could imagine the over head to the code would be nuts complicated, never mind the interface changes.

    • I think that the feature could be added to a more specific set up functions rather than blanket all, always on or always off.
      ~ However this may require some sort of community conversation as to what buttons should come with a confirmation.

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