strange blobs on top side of print

  • Hi Everyone,

    Fully new on 3D printing and got in December a second hand Creality Ender 3 printer.
    With blowed motherboard and steppermotor. After replacing motherbord for a new Duet Wifi and replaced the stepper motor. The whole machine was up and running again 🙂

    After trying some test prints i noticed some stange blobs on my print.

    Picture of blobs on print

    What should i try to get this print nicer.
    i upload my Duet Wifi config to github, maybe the soluction is a change in the config.

    Duet Wifi config for Ender 3

    Thanks for your advices.

  • Looks like over extrusion to me.

    Have you tried adjusting E-steps?

    Have you checked to see if the cube is 20mm?

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    Slicer settings are likely to play a very large part as well.

    Have you done a PID tuning of the heaters? There's an M307 in the config, but it's commented out.

  • Odd that there aren't any lines on the top. If it was just over extrusion, I'd expect to see the zig zag (or other pattern) path that the nozzle took.

    In the photo, the top looks very smoothed, except for the blobs. The one on the far left appears to be from the nozzle oozing when the nozzle moved away from the print. I can't even guess what the blob on the right side of the photo is.

    Perhaps include photos of the sides of the print, as well as your printer info, slice into and settings, and filament type?

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    It looks kind of like the entire cube is solid and made out of perimeters only. No infill. That would explain the over extrusion appearance.

    How many perimeters did you use to print this?

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