New slicer from E3D public beta release

  • Looking at it so far, preparing my first test print a "singing serpent" which is a good model to test overhangs, stringing and rounded geometry- the wings are delicate, so if there is over or over extrusion, they often snap off or show blobbing

    Looking at the dynamic fan control, looks interesting, trying to configure it, I'ts a great idea when you need a blast of air to get good bridges, and dial it back for better adhesion.

    It just crashed.😐

  • Finally got it going, kinda.

    My start script doesn't work, it goes through the motions then starts with parts cooling fan full speed and both heaters inoperative ?

    Anyway, manually setting the temps I have some really nice results! .2 layers,2 shells 10% infill, no gaps, the best one of these I've printed to date.0_1551288157176_20190227_121253.jpg 0_1551288225520_20190227_121204.jpg

    Many of these prints fail where the arms connect to the body or at the last 1/4 of the wings, you can see when the G-code file places an extra partial wall in these places.

    The only flaws are very very slight over extrusion in a couple places of the neck- only visible under overhead lighting and a little overheating at the back sides of the wings, but that comes down to settings.

    Oh, printed at 80mm/s .2mm Z-hop

  • I attempted a poly tower, but it ended up poorly because the slicer can only handle even numbers, so I had to print two shells and that kept the heat too close.

    Normally I print that model with one shell.

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