Heater Safety Feature "heater sanity check"

  • I am currently running a Duet Wifi with an Ethernet Board with Firmware 1.18 to 2.02 RTOS (2018 12-24b1), Web Interface is 1.22.5. I was just doing some research on my E3DV6 hot end and it led me to a video by some guy name Thomas Sanladerer showing how to look at and modify the firmware for a new printer. In this video he stated that something very important was the "heater sanity check" which monitors the heaters and temp probes to look at a possible failure and to shut it down in the event that it thinks it has failed. He used the Audrino software, which I downloaded and could not get it to read the Duet Firmware. My question is.......Does the Firmware 2.02 RTOS (2018 12-24b) perform this sanity check? If not, what does it do to prevent a possible overheating/fire condition?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Additional Note: I went thru the RepRap Firmware configuration and did not see this option.

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    Yes RepRapFirmware has several checks in place.


    The video you mention is speaking about the Marlin firmware running on older 8-bit controllers. Often times printer manufacturers in china will ship the printers with those safety checks disabled. This does not apply to the Duet.

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    When you use M303 to tune a heater, RepRapFirmware creates a model of the heater. It uses this to check that the heater behaves according to the model. If you don't run heater tuning then it uses a default model, which can result in spurious heater faults, or the protection taking longer to detect a heater fault.

    No other firmware allows for the particular characteristics of your heaters in its heater protection algorithm.

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