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  • I'd like to have print status output over serial so I can use an Arduino to display the status on an LED matrix. I also want to be able to read multiple voltages (I'm running my printer on several batteries in parallel, this can also be done with an slave Arduino) to display on the Print Status and possible pause printer when voltage on a cell drops.

    How would I go about this? Do I need to modify the firmware or can it be done natively with M codes in a macro?

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    You can get printer status from the PanelDue port, but please note that it uses 3.3V signals levels. So you will destroy the port (possibly more) if you connect it directly to a 5v Arduino.

    To get the status, send the M408 command to the serial port with whatever S parameter gives you the status you need, and extract the required status from the JSON response.

  • @dc42 woah that's an awesome feature! Thanks

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