Duet Wifi Board sparked on first time USB connection

  • On December of last year, I bought a Duet 2 Wifi from E3D’s store.

    Last week, I finally had the chance to begin testing out the board. My first run was simply testing if the board ran on my 24V supply, which it did fine. I then attached my printer’s X & Y motors in the respective slots and restarted the board. there were no issues, so I then went to connect to the board using the supplied USB cable to control the motors.

    I started by connecting the cable to the board itself, then moved on to plugging it into my computer. the moment I connected the cable to my PC the board sparked at the chip near U3, so I disconnected the cable. The board seemed to still be functioning while I was powering to it down to check the damage, however there is burn damage to the chip.

    As far as I can tell, this isn’t due to a short in my wiring, as I later checked all the connectors using a multi-meter for shorts and didn’t find any issues.
    The board seems to still be functional, however I haven’t connected it to power since this event as I didn’t want to risk any further damage.

    Does anyone have any idea what happened and whether this could be considered replaceable under warranty?

    Here is image of the damaged chip, it is the one designated U3.
    alt text

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    Sounds like you may have created a ground loop.


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    Ask for your board to be replaced under warranty. We have seen a few unexplained failures of U3 in recent weeks.

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