breakout board with servomotors, stand still noise

  • Hello everyone
    I have a duet eterneth and breakout board because i'm using external drivers with servomotors.
    When the macchine is homing and the motors stay hold, they start to produce a noise.
    Any body can tell me please how can i solve this problem?
    I read about the Reducing stand still noise , but it talk about the duet onboard drivers.
    Any body can tell me in the parameter M906 the values that i should use if i am using external drivers?, the noise may depends of that parameter?

    Another problem that i have is that a couple times after more than 20 hours of print, there was a drop in electrical voltage in the network (less than a second) and the macchine doesn't stop, it stay working but it loss the position.

    I thought to use an ups connected to the 24 volts power supply the Duet board an the logical drivers input (because they works with 220vac input for the power and 24VDC for logical) i'll solved the problem, but i 'll have the problem when i'll have a blackout because the duet doesn't know that theres no more voltage to go in pause mode.
    Thanks guys for your help.

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    You will need to consult the manual for your ste/servo drives to see if there are any options for reducing standstill noise.

    The Duet monitors its own VIN power, but if the power to your external drives falls faster than the VIN power to the Duet then the Duet may not react in time. OTOH if they are run from the same PSU, then it should react in time. See

    I am also considering adding a facility in firmware for an external "power fail" input.

  • Thanks for your fast response

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