Bl-touch weird behavior + alarm during printed part

  • HI, I'm new here !

    I recently converted a delta printer with a Ethernet duet3d+tft , 1.03 version. I've just installed 2,02 firmware. After the 3.3volts convertion of the bl-touch averything started working flawlessy. I just have one trouble at the moment, when I restart the printer the Bl-touch starts flashing, to let it stop I home all axes and unplug the communication wires (not the black/white) and plug it again. Then the needle pulls in and out and then the red light stays on and I can launch the auto calibration.

    Another question, here is a way to let the printer make a noise at a certain point of the print? I need to insert another printed part inside the one it's printing

    Thanks in advance

  • The BLtouches seem to go into 'test mode' when you initially provide power. This will deploy and retract the pin a couple times automatically when power is applied. I'm not sure if this is due to how RRF starts up the servo signal or whether it's internal to the BLtouch probe.

    If the pin hits the bed when it does this self test it will throw an error every time. You can clear the error by running the command M280 Px S160 In where x is the servo number and n is the invert value (depending on how you have it hooked up) I tried putting this in the config.g but it runs the self test regardless.

    For making a noise at a certain point use the M300 command. (this will only work with a PanelDue installed or if you have the web interface loaded) this will beep for a second or so. You can also use a M117 command to print a message so you could end up with something like this:

    M117 Insert part ; pop-up message to paneldue or web interface
    M300 ; beep
    M25 ; or whatever pause command you normally use

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    If the BLTouch is likely to go into error at startup, at the end of your homez.g file (and after homing Z in homeall.g) you could raise the head to Z=5, then reset the error (and do another self test if you wish).

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