Z-probe individual print-start offset for fabric

  • Hi,
    (setup) currently setting up a duet2 for someone for print-experiments on fabric. I assembled the printer with a precision-milled-alu-plate that is better in evenness then 0.1mm with 3pod-levelling & with the IR-probe as Z-probe.
    Plan today to do first time setup for the probe with the calibration provided here https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Test_and_calibrate_the_Z_probe#Section_Calibrate_the_Z_probe_trigger_height with the M500 P31 command initially (P31 could be commented if setup once as desired) & a big initial positive Z-val as read here https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/5401/m500-dont-work/3

    but (bear with me please, for the question that follows in the end)

    I am wondering how my client will use it for the experiments with different thick fabric/cloth-pieces on which they want to print on/into:
    Option 1) Of course you could put a start-offset in e.g. "cura" as slicer in G-code as explained here https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/10860-set-z-offset-in-cura/ with the moveto G0 Zxyz and saveAsPos G92 Z___ (after "header" of print-file and before actual printcommands in file)
    Option 2) Use macros provided on the duet-screen "extras"tab which I would prefer... those macros seem to work e.g. like posted here https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/209/babystepping-by-g-code-macro/2

    but as far as I understand both solutions have as problems that I would have to first move by a certain ammount e.g. with G0 Z___ and then save the the current Position with G92 as Zxyz

    SO, did I get it right with e.g.


    1. make printer on
    2. level (x/y) z without anything but the alu-plate
    3. after levelling fix fabric on aluplate
    4. use duet-screen for manual nozzle jog on fabric whichever height desired
    5. load n start printfile (of course this file has NO z-probing which was done with printerstart)
    6. have that "G92 Z0" in the printfile


    1. make printer on
    2. level (x/y)
    3. put fabric on aluplate
    4. use duet-screen for manual nozzle jog on fabric whichever height desired
    5. execute macro "G92 Z0 G10 P0" (set this pos z0 n report val to user)
    6. load n print a file that contains no z-probing...

    Am I on the right track?

    what would be cool would be a macro for inprint with

    • pause print
    • get current z-val absolute
    • set to relative pos
    • move relative from that position via jog-up/-down
    • save this position as z-val-abs+jogged-distance as new abs current z
    • set back to abs pos

  • administrators

    Have you considered using the M290 baby stepping command? Or the G10 L2 workplace coordinate offset command?

  • @dc42
    Found all those "old" forum-talks where this wasn´t fully implimented like after RRF1.21
    Will try all and report back 🙂

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