Controlled shut down of 24 volt power supply by SSR

  • Duet 2, I want to arrange for the 24 volt power supply to be switched off via a solid state relay in the event of error reports.. and when required at the end of print jobs. I have a secondary 5 volt supply for the duet so if remains on when the 24 volt power supply is switched off. I would like to configure so that the 24 volt power supply is switched on via 5 volts applied to a SSR. I am not clear if or how I can use the PS_ON pin to arrange for this to happen as it goes to ground and I need to arrange 5 volts to get to the SSR via a switch from the duet. I hope this make sense.

    Many thanks Jeremy

  • @jer1001 Wire the "+" side of the SSR control input directly to +5v of your secondary 5V supply and the "-" side to the PS_ON pin. That's how I have mine.



  • This works perfectly. I can turn the 24 volt power supply on and off and still see what is going on. I would like the machine to turn the 24 volt power supply off on errors eg over temperature on the bed or extruder, no sensor, temperature not rising sufficiently etc. I added M81 to the stop macro and this hasn't worked for error messages. I guess this macro doesn't run on error commands. If someone can tell me how to assign error outputs to run a shut down of the 24 volts power supply I would appreciate. Many thanks Jeremy


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