Is anyone using an Ulticontroller UM2 with the duet maestro ?

  • Hello,

    I exchanged the broken Ultimaker 2 Mainboard with a duet Maestro.
    Now i would like to reuse the Ulticontroller with the sd card reader, encoder and OLED display.
    The informations I gathered so far indicates that every item for itself can work with the duet maestro.

    Did anyone accomplish to to get an Ultiocontroller (UM2) running with the display, sd card reader und encoder?


  • I took a quick look at the ulticontroller schematic on ulitmakers github and it looks like the display connected via i2c bus not on the spi bus as the duet Maestro is expecting. To my knowledge there is no support for i2c displays in the reprap firmware.

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