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  • Currently I'm building a 400mm X 450mm build area delta printer using a Duet wifi and the smart effector, i was talking with a co-worker about it and some of my concerns 1 being the how long and the number of wires going to the effector. during our conversation the thought of using some form of RF communication from the Duet Wifi and the smart effector so all that would be needed to run to the effector would be a power source, I know that it would require re-design of the smart effector as well as Duet wifi anyhow it is just a thought.

  • This would be a natural application for the proposed canbus on the duet3. Printers are generally electrically noisy so RF would present a few challenges for some users. Response rate could be challenging too. Delay between detecting a level sensor and stopping the z drive is one example that benefits from a fast response.

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    For Duet 3 we are developing a Smart Tool board. This will control a heater, temperature sensor, extruder motor, Z probe and filament monitor. It will connect to Duet 3 using 2 power wires and 2 CAN bus wires.

  • What is the release date of the Duet3 and smart tool board?

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    @rodek said in DC42 Just thought:

    What is the release date of the Duet3 and smart tool board?

    Not fixed yet. The second generation Duet 3 main board prototypes are currently being assembled. The smart tool board specification is still being discussed with potential OEM customers.

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