DC42ir Sensor not flashing annymore ?

  • Hi,

    First of all i wanna thank u all for letting me be part of this great community,
    i upgraded my ender3 with a Duet2Wifi and a DC42ir sensor,
    i use the sensor as Z endstop and bed leveling
    it has been working great for over a week now,
    but today the sensor stopped flashing 4 times at turn on, no flashes at all.

    Is my sensor dead or is it something i missed ?

    Thanks for your help

    Kind regards

  • administrators

    Does the Z probe reading in DWC still change between about 0, 465 and 535 as it should? If so the LED has failed and you should ask your supplier to replace the sensor. If not, the most likely cause is a bad crimp connection at one end of the cable.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your quick reply,

    No the reading of the probe stays at 0 not responding, i checked the crimp and measured the resistance of the connection and is ok.

  • administrators

    Two suggestions:

    1. Check that all 3 pins of the 3-pin connector on the IR sensor are soldered. Just occasionally I see one with 1 or 2 pins not soldered, and even more occasionally I don't spot it and it manages to pass testing.

    2. If you have a multimeter, measure the voltage between one end of component L1 and the ground test point close to D2. If the cable connections are OK, it should be 3.3V. You should get the same reading from each end of L1.

  • Thanks for your help David,

    The probe is working again, must have been a bad connection afterall.

    Problem solved 🙂

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