Florescent lighting?

  • I have a small florescent light tube that would be a perfect fit for my FT-5, I could easily hook it into the mains just like I did the PSU muffin fan.

    I understand this lighting can throw off the IR sensor (I don't have/ need one) and they can throw off some EMF.

    Has anyone used one of these, if so did it cause any issues? the whole frame is grounded through the PSU due to it's ACM/alloy construction.

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    The only light that throws off the IR sensor is very strong near-IR light, in particular bright sunlight (no clouds in front of the sun) shining directly on the bed. Very bright halogen lighting might possibly affect it. LED and fluorescent lights are no problem.

    What is the bed surface? The IR sensor works well with some surfaces, ot so well with others.

  • I'm using super thin PEI sheet directly on the ATP-5 plate, but my main concern was EMF getting back to the duet or scrambling up the WiFi signal.

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    Fluorescent tubes generate very little EMI compared to stepper motor cables, except perhaps when starting if they are the old fashioned sort that flash on and off.

  • @dc42
    Thanks, I will try it out, it's an older unit, but startup is only a split second.

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