Connection of two 2A motors for Duet Wifi 1.04

  • Hi everyone
    I have a Duet Wifi and I have to mount two motors on the Z axis.
    My engines are 2A.
    You tell me how do I configure the two engines and how many amps should I give for both?
    Thank you

  • The Za and Zb connectors are internally wired in series, so they both get the same current you specify with M906. It's recommended to set the motor current in the range of 65-85% of the rated max for the motor. So in your case, 2000ma max * 85% = 1700ma.

    Since the Za and Zb connector are already expected to be a single combined Z axis, you don't have to do anything else special to set up the driver. Just treat it as a single Z axis entry in all the commands.

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