Tool Offset Ignored (Z-axis)

  • I have two tools that are offset in z-axis by 3mm. When performing a tool change, the Z-offset value prescribed by G10 in my configuration file is ignored until a G1 Z command is run. I saw this issue reported on an older post that is locked. Is this issue supposed to be resolved?

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    Are you running in CNC mode or FDM mode?

    In FDM mode this behaviour is deliberate, because tool changing is generally done at printing height, so it's unsafe to change the Z height before the tool change is complete (because you could crash the old tool into the print if it has a lower nozzle than the new tool). You can add G1 R2 X0 Y0 Z0 at the end of the tpost#.g files to force the position to be updated at the end of the tool change.

    In CNC mode the behaviour has been changed in firmware 2.03 at the request of CNC users, because tool changing is normally (I think) done at height. It now changes the current user Z coordinate to account for the change in tool offset.

  • @dc42 Thanks for the support. I have a lift mechanism that runs on tool changes to avoid crashes.

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