Warrenty return of PanelDue 7i (E3D)

  • Yesterday I received the Duet 2 WIFI and PanelDue 7i from E3D.

    The green channel on 7i is not working, there is a crack on the ribbon cable (from the driver to the panel).
    If I push gently on the ribbon cable I some times get it to work but I can not see how I would have a chance til repair it myself.

    E3D asked me to post it here so admin could confirm it.

    Here is a picture of the PanelDue with a white copy paper behind.
    0_1551347743898_PanelDue 7i.JPG

    Best Regards

  • administrators

    See my response in your other thread.

  • @dc42
    I have posted the picture in my other thread.

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