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  • There is much data posted regarding this topic so am not looking to rehash. I am also not having any trouble with my card. These questions are to make sense of the many possible results and actions that might be required of a user who thinks they have a dead card. In particular post RESET pin. I see this pop up a lot thats some one thought they needed to do this while trying to figure out how to program the card for first run. Since my card is working I am not willing to hit the reset just to test any of this.

    -If possible all answers ONLY from those who have done full resets.
    -If possible all answers in YES/NO replies.

    • Can it be assumed that if the card does not show in either SAMBA or BOSSA that it is either partially configured or totally bricked?

    • If a card is fully wiped, 100% reset, should it always show in SAMBA or BOSSA?

    • I have never seen the card show in either SAMBA or BOSSA, and both always reject the port as valid, but then mine has valid firmware and bootloader, so I assume this to interfere with detection by lower level utilities that would be used in initial setup phase.

    • If a card is partially configured it should always show one of the expected results listed on the Troubleshooting and Setup pages, right?

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    It's not Reset that causes the Bossa port to appear, it's the Erase jumper (or Erase button on older Duets). More specifically:

    • A Duet that is working and has valid firmware installed with present itself to a host PC's USB subsystem as a Duet
    • A Duet that has had its firmware erased (or has never been programmed) will present the Bossa port.
    • A Duet that has had incorrect firmware installed will typically present neither port. Same as a Duet with a failed processor.

    To get the Bossa port to appear:

    • Power down the Duet (this includes USB power).
    • It's best to disconnect the PanelDue if you have one, because it can interfere with the programming process, also it may draw too much power from your USB source.
    • Fit the Erase jumper
    • Power up the Duet. USB power is sufficient, assuming you don't have other devices connected that draw power from the Duet.
    • Typically, the Bossa port will appear immediately. If it doesn't, press the Reset button.
    • Remove the Erase jumper before you program the board. You can power down, remove the jumper, and power up again, and the Bossa port will still be there.

  • @dc42

    Thank you.

    All notes committed to memory.

    Also I am sorry. Discrepancy in my use of "RESET" vocabulary. In this instance I was using it to refer to a board that is lacking any programing. More correctly said to have been Fully ERASED. As the term RESET is used I think to refer to a power cycle and electronics reboot.

    For whatever reason many of those who have ordered the cards without systems, seem to think they need to reset the board or use the erase pin before programing the first time.
    Many get frustrated and assume the card is dead when it wont show in the Device Manager, or BOSSA. But having programed both a Maestro and an MKS 1.4V from new and they both looked dead, while just needing firmware. I am encouraging users to keep trying. 🙂

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