duetWifi problems and shorts..

  • Hello to all. I have technical trouble with 2 duet wifi boards and i would appreciate any help.

    One of the duets is v1.04 and has been working fine for about 200 hours on a corexy in my shop, 24v psu fed by a UPS , but 2 days ago i run into a serious issue. I switched the power on, hit auto calibration but because my zprobe was disconnected, i switched it off before the nozzle crashed the bed. Turned it back on and the ui on the lcd was stuck on "connecting", no readings on temps, no gcode files showing in card, endstops not signaling on the motherboard etc. I removed the micro sd, which seems like its fried as the pc doesnt read it either, still lcd has no readouts on tems and console is not returning any communication to gcode commands. All Endstop leds are dimm but connected endstops do work and go fully bright when activated. I cannot see or smell anything burned. 3,3v 5v , usb and wifi leds are steady on when i plug usb from laptop, but i get no port connection. i tried switching usbs on laptop and cable is fine as i connected my other duet machine on it, no problem (well there is an issue on my other duetwifi but will get back to it later on). So basically i cannot connect it anywhere..
    I prepared a new micro sd with the proper root structure and latest firmware from dc42s github, send gcode to install it, no respose from console and no luck.
    Whats your guess?

    Same day and a few hours earlier and after a 22hour print on my big delta with smart effector, i run into another issue. This is a v1.03 board i purchased from reprapworld last May i think, and has been working fine for a while now..also fed from 24v psu on UPS
    Before i started the last print, i run auto-leveling without any issues. When i tried to reconnect my pc via wifi after the print, it would not (not unusual after or during long prints that i turn on and off my pc a couple of times)
    Usually switching off and on the printer solves the connectivity issue in such cases, as it did this time.
    The problem is that now the z-probe circuit on the board has somehow failed. The green led on the effector works normally when the nozzle touches sth, but the probe value is always 1000 regardless. checked the wiring for continuity, the effector for shorts, no problem there. but i think i did find a short between the 3.3v and Zprobe Mod pins on the board itself.....
    Any ideas on that? Printer works fine other than that....

    Thanks and looking forward to your support..

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    Can you summarise what does and doesn't work on that Duet? I think you are saying that PanelDue doesn't connect, and the USB port doesn't work. But you've also said that the Z probe reads 1000. How are you getting that reading: through Duet Web Control?

    EDIT: I've just re-read your post and I see you are talking about two different Duets. I think you are saying:

    1. You have a 1.04 board that won't respond at all since that event. Are there any signs of burned chips on that board? Please follow these instructions: https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/What_to_do_if_your_Duet_won't_respond.

    2. You have a 1.03 board connected to a Smart Effector. The green LED on the Smart Effector works normally, but the Z probe reading is always 1000. If you haven't changed your config.g file then the most likely reason is a bad crimp connection at one end of the wire between the OUT pin on the Smart Effector and the IN pin of the Z probe connector on the Duet. Or it could be a configuration error if you have changed the M558 or G31 command in config.g.

    HTH David

  • Hello David, sorry for the late reply. The V1.03 is actually fine, it was the effector that somehow failed, i switched with a new one and all is fine. Only trouble i have with this one (or any for that matter), is that i cannot successfully set up the resurrect function...

    On the V1.04 now, i dont see any burned chips, but I cant be sure. I tried everything in the wiki but no luck. I guess i should send it back to you for checking and repairing it..

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