Is M555 necessary?

  • I was looking over a few of the configuration files the other day and noticed the M555 P2 line in my config.g files on all 4 CoreXY printers. This got me wondering, is there really any point to M555 P2? I'm not using Pronterface, Repetier host, Octopi, USB control or anything like that. I'm just using the standard Ethernet cable and then DWC for file upload, printing, etc with a PanelDue on each machine for local control on my Duet 0.8.5 boards.

    Is there any benefit to keeping it M555 P2 or any advantage to M555 P0 or M555 P1?

    I kind of wonder what compatibility does M555 actually provide in the long run?

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    M555 only affects responses sent to the USB port. The default was changed to Marlin compatibility many versions ago. So you don't need it.

  • Thanks. I presume I can just remove the M555 from the config files then.

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