Continuous Fiber Toolhead

  • Hello all,

    Contemplating trying to develop a tool head for a tool-changing printer that can lay down continuous fiber reinforcement, similar to the way a Markforged 3D printer works. Does anyone know of any slicer that might be able to deal with a tool head like that or generate the type of tool paths needed?

  • Not off the top of my head, but maybe worth putting in a request with Pathio. Seems like it might be up their alley.

  • I think it should be possible to do it with Slic3r and modifier blocks.
    You can make it in the exact shape of reinforcement (in any 3D CAD, just be careful has the same point of origin as original part) and only from perimeters.
    But its a tedious process.

    Here is an example with simple cuboid

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