is that possible to make the mini version of duet wifi

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  • @felix_ardyansyah said in is that possible to make the mini version of duet wifi:

    +i dont use kicad ( im know that open source comunity recommend kicad but the ui for me it suck
    if you have sugestion, tips please tell me becouse i need help this is my biggest project

    I bought this book which is great to begin with Kicad. I just switched from Eagle to Kicad wihtout problem.

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    There is no point in changing the bed mosfet for a different one, because the 18A current limit is due to the limitation of the traces on the PCB, not the heating of the mosfet. It's difficult to carry large currents on a PCB, even when you use 2oz copper thickness (as we do on genuine Duets) instead of the usual 1oz, and put the traces on both sides of the PCB.

    There is no ftdi on the Duets, because the microcontrollers on all Duets have the USB interface built in. The USB interface is needed for initial program loading.

    It's rare to need to remove the SD card from a Duet because GCode file uploading, editing of configuration files etc. is normally done over the network interface. So for most users there is no need for a full-size external SD card. For those users who do want one, it can be connected to the CONN_SD connector.

    Have you considered basing your design on the Duet Maestro instead? It uses smaller stepper driver chips, so there might be room for further shrinkage.

  • no i think i will remade the the duet 2 wifi and about the tmc 2660 it already small chip, the chip that maestro use is already sooo smal is hard to solder (TMC2224 onlly available in qfn) and i dont want to remove the micro sd but the ext sd card conector becouse is too big and i normaly dont use ex sd card soo that just waste of space becouse i dont use them mybe changing usb mini to usb c for fancy

    and about the mosfet is not about the current is about the heat and efficiency and cheaper part

    this mosfet that duet use
    in nutshell
    MOSFET N Trench 40V 90A(Tc) 2V @ 45uA 3.6 mΩ @ 90A,10V TO-252-2(DPAK) RoHS
    1 x $1.3809
    10 x 1.3443

    the chip that i want to use
    in nutshell
    MOSFET N Trench 30V 60A 2.3V @ 1mA 0.9 mΩ @ 30A,10V SOP-Advance-8 RoHS
    1 x $0.902
    10 x $0.6714

    the price is good and it beter performance

  • @fma i dont use other other cad before mybe that the problem becouse kicad and eagle very similiar old schooll theme (i can use kicad (my sanity) the ui and how to use is very similiar and the people that kicad target is people that have use eagle (becouse eagle want paid subcription and many user left) and the kicad target are is not me
    the thing that easy eda have
    colorful, integration with lcsc,mouser,element14, etc(soo i know the price), and easy to use and can share pcb schematic in one app but sadly i cannot export and import from kicad and eagle becouse the app not support that

  • @dc42 and i forget did the duet use 4 layer or 2 layer


    I FINISH IN Stepper driver schematin next in power schematic

    voltage regulator (10v, 5v, 3v3)
    10 = for mosfet i want the lowest on resistance
    5v, 3v3 = logic voltage

    +i use robycon cap
    +samsung cap
    0_1551992445638_BOM_duwi mini_20190308035941.csv

    the schema that i made from easy eda (i must remade schema from kicad to easy eda)
    [0_1551992131920_duet mini wifi stepper driver](Uploading 100%) 0_1551992242128_37284885-3443-4492-b4c6-9f50c3a13bac.png 0_1551992246543_bd1651ce-e746-4216-9e4a-a0674c1ee234.png

  • I think you are missing the point on the SD card. It is the file system. The "hard drive". The persistence device for configuration files and similar.

    In your design, where will anything be persisted across power cycles? Yes, the actual micro CPU has flash for its "code" or "firmware" and there are many ways to get that code flashed.

    But Duet/RepRap software is MUCH more than the code sitting in MCU flash. Duet/RepRap also is embodied in the configuration files, and files that are executed when certain events occur (like homing) and many more things. Duet/RepRap's web interface is dependent on files that reside on that file system on the SD card. Where will your design put configurations or event files or web pages and style sheets and... ?

  • If you are trying to save COST, take the proven (open source) design for the board, have it fabricated, and populate only the things you are going to use. Just leave the other stuff empty. That MIGHT be cheaper than just ordering a board. Depends very heavily on the import/tax costs of having a board fabbed and getting the actual parts.

    If you are trying to achieve PHYSICAL MINIATURIZATION count on going through multiple design cycles. It is do-able, but it will ultimately cost much more than just buying a board (even with taxes, etc).

    What is your goal?

  • @danal yeah i want to make smaller and mybe cheaper one if i can, you forget that i say remove the ext opt full sd card not the micro sd card that already solder in the board about tax and shiping umm i live in asia the tax and shiping is very expensive for big board (i can buy cloned, but for fun i made this project and they dont have gerber file soo i cannot make the pcb i must remake the schematic)

    and about programing i dont change any pin just the hadware my mod is not to made zero change in firmware (becouse i dont understand how to coding)

    +about his project is that mybe i will use my design but if i quit somebody can copy that and improve it
    and mybe someone love full sd card but i not

  • In my opinion, the Duet schematic designs are very versatile and allow even making DIY boards, bellow is my prototype based on SAM4E:


    I also consider making a mini board that can fit in the base of a small Delta printer:


  • @mitko hey umm what buck regulator that you use i see you regulator quiet small im is fuck up in finding the best regulator

    this the best that i can found
    from ti

    but the problem is that there is en pin soo it need high in that pin mybe i just drive vcc to that pin the schematic (datashet is lacking)

  • @felix_ardyansyah, It uses TPS5430DDA, but in general, I am not happy with Texas Instruments products. There is a question if in a minimal system buck converter is need it at all or just some LDO should not be used. Those are design preferences that make the identity of a product, also it is a question about relation with semiconductor manufacturer, whether they provide warranty to their products, proper handling of problems etc.
    I do noticed also another complain about the price of Duet boards. Not so sure about Indonesia, but in Europe the products sell on the market suppose to have warranty. This warranty must be covered by the manufacturer. So, in general those ideas that many Asians and Americans have that can just make some boards and take the customers money without proper support and warranty – do not work well on the European market.
    One suggestion, read you are 15 year old – go to proper school if you think that you can make a good product without proper education, just by discussing some matters on the forum – very unlikely.

  • @mitko yeah i know and in indonesia is hard to find that school (becouse in my area is i would say lacking there exis but for electricty instalation and yeah you probabily right

    +i found buck that not perfect but noot to bad xl semi

    +i dont make decent product it just proof of concept beside that if someday that i learn in universty atlesh i know something from get go

    +you board is soo small umm soo somebody is already make mini version (facepalm)

  • 0_1552068106820_Schematic_duwi-mini_XY-STEPPER-DRIVER_20190309004942.png

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    The main problem with designing a buck regulator is to keep the EMI low so that the printer can meet CE regulations. For a home built board that's not for resale that's not essential, so it's easier just to buy a 5V regulator module on eBay.

  • @felix_ardyansyah said in is that possible to make the mini version of duet wifi:

    @danal yeah i want to make smaller and mybe cheaper one if i can, you forget that i say remove the ext opt full sd card

    Ahh. Your are talking about eliminating the CONNECTOR, and the board real estate, for the external SD. Got it.


    Still recommend you decide if your PRIMARY goal is "smaller" or "cheaper". I say this because those goals are in direct conflict:

    • The very cheapest will be to fab a board exactly from the published Eagle .brd files/gerbers (or hand wire, like Mitko shows) and populate a subset. Pretty much guaranteed to work the first time.

    • The very smallest will be to redraw everything in a circuit board cad package, savagely eliminating anything you don't think is needed for the mini. Getting this to work will take time and repeated experiments that will not be cheap. Not at all.

    And, as an aside, for circuit board cad, you might try either "Design Spark PCB" (free download). I find it much easier to use than Eagle. Or "EasyEDA" (free online). I haven't decided if I like EasyEDA yet.

  • @dc42, You raised an interesting topic. In Europe we have to comply with different engineering regulations, while those Asians flood the market via eBay, Aliexpress etc. with garbage, unapproved by local regulatory organizations products.

    I have RAMPS 1.4 board with melted connectors etc. Also there are issues with different step motor drivers. It is not matter just about the DC-DC regulators etc.

    Perhaps I would have to remain all of you that those electronics drive heaters, motors etc. Those things can cause damages, without proper education it is not recommendable at all to deal with those matters. In some locations in the Commonwealth realm, it is even prohibited by law to do engineering activities unless a member of the engineering regulatory organization.

  • @mitko about that im not make from scratch thoo im just copying from the original schematic remove that is not importad like ext conector if im remake from scrach im just kill myself

    dc42 yeah i know i can use the original but it very pretigius ic (2$ and 6 pcs ava) and if somebody want beter one just change what they like and even beter

    danal im try the design spark but (i dont like it) easy eda have dekstop version you can download it (i dont use the web version if my internet goes bad i cannot do anything)

    about i want the smallast and cheapest
    i want the smallest but i encounter some ic that no exspensive and bad performance for their price like mosfet that i want to change to the beter one

    this mosfet that duet use
    in nutshell
    MOSFET N Trench 40V 90A(Tc) 2V @ 45uA 3.6 mΩ @ 90A,10V TO-252-2(DPAK) RoHS
    1 x $1.3809
    10 x 1.3443

    the chip that i want to use
    in nutshell
    MOSFET N Trench 30V 60A 2.3V @ 1mA 0.9 mΩ @ 30A,10V SOP-Advance-8 RoHS
    1 x $0.902
    10 x $0.6714

    reduce some penny but with beter componen

  • mybe i cancel the project becouse they will release the duet 3 with a nice set of feature but still in demo umm can we have spoiler dc42 please(joke) and they make board smaller and compact not to compact but hey

    mybe they have usb c i hope
    mybe flasdisk support in duet 4

    mybe i will remove the topic when they release theduet or 2 or 3 day after my coment

    +mitko about ramp they use same schematic as everyone but they use lower componen quality if you search in shenzen market there a lot of electronic component spart, the chinese manufacture is cheap many componen in may level like thickness of pcb (the copper 2oz to 1oz) the terminal screw in the lower side 20 to 10 a, in europe you need proper education but really im not design a commercial product it just for hooby and im just share with you with the warning but really dude like hobbyis like me cannot design boost buck regulator becouse safety something will explode and radiation in the forum we stuck with arduino board and ne555 timer(but everyone have brain you dont need electric education to tell that componen is good or bad)(and did you reliase how many people in my age love electronic i tell you rare)

    many people forget this is just hooby project not production level i mean people like me this a big deal if all knowledge behind paywall and you not sure you will get it or not, im know im need proper education when your favovite education is behind paywall and age, im not super cheap guy but i pay will pay for something that worth it and i fully understand why they charge for it, after all all you need is piece of paper

    im know that is rant but you can take it as grain of salt ot not

    but still thank you for your help everybody i learn lot today how to design and what safety regulation

    +safety regulation sometime save life or grab your money but mostly safe your life

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