PanelDue lost calibration, can't access calibration menu

  • My PanelDue lost its calibration when I turned my printer on today for whatever reason, and I can't access the setup menu on the touchscreen to re-initiate calibration as it doesn't sense my touch on that part of the screen. Is there a way to do this through the wireless Duet portal that's normally used to control the printer? I've tried resetting the main board and PanelDue with no change. Thanks.

  • If you press the erase button and then reset button, you should be able to re-flash the firmware. This would then cause the PanelDue to prompt you for the touch screen calibration before it does anything else.

    You might be able to force this by just unplugging the LCD from the 40-pin section PanelDue controller board and then plugging it back in, but not I'm sure.

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