Duet Board Wifi connection to Enterprise network ieee 802.1x

  • Hi,

    how can i connect the Duet Board to our Enterprise Network?

    I need to set 1. the acces point 2. the username an 3. the password. But in the configuration tool there is no possibility to set an username.

  • Enterprise authentication is an entirely different protocol that WPA2. Duet does not, and will probably never, support it. (I am not a developer for Duet... I am an enterprise authentication expert, and would recommend the Duet developers not touch it with a 10 meter pole).

    Instead, you can easily set up a router that authenticates to your Enterprise network (perhaps on WiFi, perhaps on Ether) and establishes a WPA2 wireless network for the printer to join. You can lock that WPA2 network down to a single MAC, etc, etc.

    Quite a few commercially available routers can be configured to do this with their default firmware, or you could run WRT (open source firmware) on any number of off-the-shelf router hardware platforms. There is a huge list on their site. https://openwrt.org/

    Personally, I'd go the WRT path... it is designed to do things like this and there are examples all over their site.


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