28BYJ-48 motor driving

  • Hello all,

    I have a 28BYJ-48 5v motor that I want to drive. This would be perfect as I don't need speed or torque. The motor is wired up as unipolar and has a uln2003 driver board. Would It be easier to just hook up 4 i/o pins to the driver board and 5v and ground from the duet wifi to power this instead of trying to rewire it as bi polar and drive from the spare stepper pins?

    I have the latest duet 2 wifi and duex5 all on 12v.

  • administrators

    If you wire it up that way then you would need to generate the steps manually using M42 commands, so you would only be able to move it slowly. Unless you put some logic or an Arduino between the ULN and the Duet, to turn the step and direction signals from the Duet into inputs for the ULN.

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