"PanelDue Request": M291 Z jogmenue please add + & - to arrows

  • Would be great to add to the arrows that are displayed on the PanelDue when calling a M291 "z" jogmenue next to the arrows a + and - because some people have a moving tool in z, while others have a moving printplate in z and while the first might go "up" compared to "human-ground" the other might go "down"...

    Edit: (also for geeks/nerds it is clear with a printer setup in a way that "z-" means tool&plate closer together and "z+" tool&plate part, that "z&an arrow down" equals to decreasing z-val, so "-" for tool&buildplate get closer together and "z&an arrow up" equals to rising z-val, ergo part tool&buildplate... but not everybody seems to be made for "applied numerical transfer thinking"...what brings me to the idea that inspite of +/- there could also be something like "-> <-" and "<- ->"...)

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    I think there was a similar discussion around the icons used in the DWC and they were changed to a flat horizontal line with the arrow either pointing towards it, or away from it. Having something similar would be good for the PanelDue. I actually just ran into the same confusion and moved my nozzle into my bed, oops.

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    Added to the work list!

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