A quick tip for those having homing issues.

  • Setting up my duet now and ran into a problem i wanted to share. I was at the point where i had finished setting up the individual steppers on my delta and was ready to do my first home all. after flipping high for low on the end-stops i finally got it to home but after the second approach the effector would drop about 150mm and move forward to the outer limit of the bed. i searched the forums and found no answers, as most of the posts were about not being able to home at all. after a lot of trial and error i found out it was the M574 command in config.g that was the problem. It should have read "M574 X2 Y2 Z2 S1", but instead I had "M574 X2 Y2 S1". I don't know if the typo was the configurator's fault or mine for not checking something off during its use, but adding in the Z2 fixed the problem.

    Just wanted to share my experience in case it helps another.

  • @sebret I think I may have the same issue. Here is the line that was created for me: M574 X2 Y2 S1 ; Set active high endstops

  • I got the same from the v1 configurator, despite having selected Zmax end stop and no Z probe.

  • Hopefully this fixes the aforementioned problem you describe. I have it also!

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