File to long error when running Duet Wifi 2 in Access Point Mode

  • I've setup my duetwifi in access point mode and have no problem connecting. However when I do connect either my laptop or iPhone to the new access point I get the error "File too long" (both on the interface on the connected device as well as on the PanelDue. Printer keeps going without issue but error keeps popping up until I disconnect all devices.

  • I’ve noticed this too. I thought it might’ve been the number of characters in the file name.

  • @sji I checked my gcode files an none were near the 120 chars. Also as soon as I disconnect the wifi device the error stops popping up.

  • administrators

    Which version of DuetWiFiServer are you running on the WiFi module? The M122 report will tell you. There was a bug fix for access point mode in version 1.23beta, which might be relevant.

  • Pretty sure I'm not on the beta so I can give that a try when I get the opportunity. thx

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