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  • This isn't specifically for the duetwifi but I'm not sure where requests for additions the the web interface should be posted.
    Is it possible to have a reset button included on the web interface to make recovery from the duet being reset or from an emergency stop.
    This would be very useful where the actual reset switch on the duet is hard to action.

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    The "Emergency STOP" button sends an M-code to reset the board as well. Why do you think that isn't sufficient?

    You can post suggestions/ideas for DWC here:

  • I think the issue is that if you use an external trigger to initiate an emergency stop (M581) then once whatever caused the trigger is fixed. I usually resort to cycling the power.

  • Thanks Chrishamm,
    I have always had to do a power cycle to get the machine working again.
    I have just tested an emergency stop again and with the machine doing nothing, pressing the Emergency Stop does indeed reset the machine.
    However, if the machine is operating, e.g. homing Z then the machine does not recover until a power cycle or the reset button on the board is activated.
    A button on the interface would solve this.

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    appjaws, my fork of the firmware had a similar problem but I implemented a fix a few weeks ago. You may want to try it out and check if the problem persists.

    However I think I'll add another confirmation dialog to DWC asking the user if an extra M999 code shall be sent if the machine remains in the "Halted" state after it tried to reconnect once. I figure that would make sense for triggers.

  • That would be great,
    Please let me know where I can get your amended DWC when you have changed it and I'll test it out.
    Just tried sending M999 but it didn't solve the problem, the machine remained shutdown until I pressed the reset button on the duet board.
    Where do I find your firmware.

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    You can get precompiled firmware binaries of my 1.18-b2 firmware fork here:

    I have just added experimental renaming support to my latest DWC beta which is available here:
    Choose the second link if you want to install it on your Duet WiFi, otherwise pick the first one.

    Keep in mind that both versions are still quite experimental, but so far this combination seems to be running well on my wired Duet. You can rename files via drag&drop by moving them on the Rename button that shows up when you start dragging.

  • I am printing using your firmware 1.18-b2 and DWC 1.15-b2 and it is performing well.
    I do have an issue with displaying all of the information on the print page. I am using chrome and have tabs, address and bookmark lines at the top of the display and changing the font size in the chrome settings has no effect. I can't see how I can display the whole page. Is it possible to reduce font size and therefore gain more space on the screen. My display is 1280x1024.
    I will check the trigger settings later. or can I do something in settings?

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    Try pressing Control-Minus in Chrome.

  • Well I'll go to church. That worked
    Thank you

  • Great the firmware restarted after an emergency stop and I was able to move the bed down 5mm.
    Is it possible to run a macro when the trigger is tripped so that the bed moves away from the pressure immediately and not have to rely on me manually intervening? This is how a T2.. trigger should work/

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