Panel Due 5i USB vs Control Board Power Anomoly

  • When I conncet my Panel Due 5i up via a USB Power and not have the Printer on all seems good. However when I let my Printer (Ender 3 with DUET 2 Maestro) power it the touchscreen goes non-functional, i have restarted the printer numerous time and a couple times the panel responds to touch but for the most part it doesnt. Again if powered by external 5 volt USB Source only all is good. Is there something I can check in order to resolve this issue?

  • @bfpa40 I recently had my PanelDue become touch unresponsive, but not everywhere on the LCD. I had to reroute the main 4 wire cable to a different position. Looks like there is some interference it doesn't like.

  • try a ferrite bead at the end of the 5V cable? you can buy cheap ones that just clamp on to the cable, super easy.

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