Which FTP client do ppl use ?

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    I have attempted to access the Duet 2 Ethernet with ncftp on Linux and WinSCP (ftp mode) on windows as well as Firefox without complete success. ncftp and WinSCP did work to list the directory content and I was able to download one file. I was told it has to be a single connection FTP client. I have not found any way to tell my FTP clients to only establish one data connection assuming that's is meant by single connection. It would still be 21 TCP for command and 20 TCP for data I assume. Just to add "passive" mode does not help, that only changes the way 20 TCP data connections are established, not the number of connections. Any suggestions ?


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    I test the FTP server using FileZilla, configured to use a single connection to port 21 (as well as a separate data port when using passive mode).

  • @dc42

    Thanks for that, I try that. I was hoping to find something that works from a Linux/Unix CLI cause I was going to run a backup of the settings as cron-job over night.


    PS: Actually I think wget can do FTP as well, I give that a shot !

  • Yes, that has worked for downloading the sys directory content.

    wget --ftp-user=admin --ftp-password=PASS -r ftp://IPADDRESS/sys/

    That will do for me to make a backup.

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