Hardware protection/troubleshoot

  • Hi,
    I think I burn down duet2wifi

    For the reason of the broken external equipment I think it was a +V (dont know which one exactly, it may be +5 or +24) on some of the external stepper motor leg (STEP_11, ENA_11 or DIR_11)

    no I see no reply from the board (no wifi, no serial interface)
    if I power it on - it put the power on the model fun, and thats it

    Is there any chance that that output legs were protected by some circuit breaker ? Or maybe other thay what to check ?

  • administrators

    The pins on that connector (CONN_LCD) are not protected. Applying +24V to one of them will certainly damage the microcontroller, and probably more besides.

  • @dc42 ,
    I got it. I knew it ^-( had ordered a replacement even before your reply %-(
    I found the guy who can reiron the main chip for me. Is there some place to read what to load into the bootloader then

  • administrators

    Is there some place to read what to load into the bootloader then

    @chernogorsky, see fallback procedure #3 in the firmware installation instructions.

    Is the green 3.3V LED lit, is the WiFi module cool, and is the SD card OK? If not, then other components on the 3.3V rail may have been damaged.

  • I see the green led. hopefully i burned down only the main chip
    Will try increasing my skills in necromancy

    Thanks %-)


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