Designing own expansion card

  • Hello!

    I'm designing add-on card. My feature list is quite short:

    • Measure chamber temperature
    • Measure VIN voltage
    • Measure total power usage from energy meter
    • Control chamber lightning

    Those features are pretty much done. Now it is only task to hook up with Duet. I'm using Maestro version.

    I think SPI is way to communicate. But what device to emulate on my MCU? And how to see those measurements on DWC?

  • administrators

    The Maestro already measures the VIN voltage. It also has an extra thermistor input (4 in total), so you can already measure chamber temperature.

    To control your LEDs, if it is just one single colour LED string then if you have a spare extruder heater output or fan output, you can use that.

    If you do need to communicate with another board, then I suggest you use either the I2C pins or the UART pins on the expansion connector.

    HTH David

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