Current degauss eletric magnet

  • Hello guys ,

    Would be possible to handle a magnet like the one on the link with the spare pwm spare fan connector of the duet WiFi v2 ?

    Thank you

  • administrators

    The listing gives the power consumption as 2.5W. That means that the current draw for the 12V version is 208mA, and for the 24V version 104mA. Both are well within the fan output current rating. If it's a version 1.02 or later Duet then the fan outputs already have on-board flyback diodes. So yes, you can drive it directly from a fan output if it's a 1.02 or later revision Duet.

  • Saw a similar answer on a topic for a solenoid valve. But since I'm not expert in eletriconics better be safe!
    Will give a try to tool changing with this magnet.
    Thank you!

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