Duex5 Short-on-ground problem

  • Hi, I have a problem with Duex5 extention board. I bought it for a printer with two sets of independent XY axes. FDM and mill on a common Z.
    After connecting duex5 with my duet by ribbon cable I power up duet from USB cable. M115 shows that duex is connected properly to duet. I start powering up duex and duet. No engine or any other device were connected to duex. Only VIN and ribbon. After a second or two my main fuse was broken. I change the fuse check wiring, unplug power from duex and start again. Duet works fine. After a closer look on duex I spot that 7,5A fuse on duex is burnt too. I changed a fuse on duex and powered it up by ribbon only. On a panel due I got a message that "short-on-ground on drivers 5,6,7,8,9" Then I disconnected ribbon from duet and powered duet only. Printer worked fine. I checked with multimeter some connection on duex and I found that I had a short circuit on VIN coupler.

    I ordered new Duex. That will go for service. Today I got the new one from my supplier. First, I checked VIN coupler and it was ok. I connected duex to duet by the new ribbon and powered it up by USB. M115 Shows that Duex is connected to duet properly.
    I powered up duet with duex on VIN and I get the same message. Short-on-ground on drivers 5,6,7,8,9.

    I don't know what is going on. This new duex was never connected to VIN. Power only by ribbon cable for max 15 sec (start of panel due).
    Is this possible that my duet2wifi is somehow broken?

    Please help.

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    It's normal to get error messages referring to the drivers on the DueX if the Duet but not the DueX is supplied with VIN power. This is because the drivers do not function without VIN power and therefore do not return value SPI data. The firmware monitors the VIN power on the Duet, and assumes that once it is within the allowed range, all drivers have power and should return valid data.

  • Ok I will check it on monday. So it is normal. That's the good news.

    Is this possible that something is wrong with my Duet 2 Wifi after the first duex5 had short circut on VIN coupler and burn the fuse? I'm worry about second duex5.

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    Do you know what the VIN coupler shorted to?

    As your Duet is responding apparently normally, I think it's most unlikely that it has a fault that would damage a connected DueX5.

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