Ender 3 hotbed overheating

  • My Ender 3 worked fine for about 3 months until I installed an EZABL and when I tried a test print my printer died as if someone just turned the power off! the next day I reversed my steps and my machine came back to life!! however, I noticed the hotend was heating up without my intervention, after some troubleshooting we discovered it was a bad mosfet, I replaced the board and to my disappointment, the bed now overheats without my intervention! so I replaced it with a MKS GenL v1 (as there were many tutorials and guides) same issue!!! I have just replaced it with a Duet Maestro and I still have the same exact issue of the hotbed heating up as soon as I power on the printer without me doing anything! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • check the wires with a multimeter.

    also draw a diagram on the wiring.

  • I have checked the wiring and it's all good.

  • I think at this point it's best I just buy a new printer and use this one for parts!

  • if your bed heats up on power on with different board that points to something seriously wrong.
    can you take out the board and hotbed out of the printer and just connect the bed.
    making sure that there are 2 wires going to the bed channel on the board and 2 wires going to the psu.

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    If the bed heater turns on as soon as you power it up, that could indicate that there is a short between the bed heater element and ground.

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