Way to make G32 and G30 have different dive speeds for probe?

  • I'm trying to make Auto Bed compensation(G32) have a different dive speed than G30.
    I think that's correct. I use ABC for a generic home vs home all. But sometimes if I'm using the printer, for accuracy, this then makes the original Home Z last forever as it has to travel the entire Z size. I won't have to do it as much once I get everything tuned, but this makes for a good lengthy Home All after turning on the printer.

  • Yes you can achieve this by setting the desired speed before you do the probe move.

    For instance, you can use M558 in config.g to set the speed you'd like to use for your default probe speed for things like G29.

    Then you can use a seperate M558 command to set a different speed before issuing your G30. Either in bed.g (G32) or your homing macros (G28)

    For example, in my Z homing section I have:

    ; Probe the bed
    M558 A1 F400 ; Set single probing at faster feed rate
    G30 ; Do a single probe to quickly home Z axis
    M98 P"ZSpeedsSlow.g" ; Set lower speeds for homing
    M558 A10 F100	 ; Set multi probing at slower feed rate
    G30 ; Probe again to get a more accurate position

  • Tyvm 😄

    Exactly what I'm looking for!

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