Extruder not working-Ender 3

  • I have an Ender 3 with the original Extruder motor. I am using a DUET 2 Maestro with RepRap Firmware. On my Panel Due 5i i go to Extruder>Extrude>5mm or Retract>5mm and the motor doesnt move at all, there are no sounds from it. The GCode Console reflects the following:
    7:47:24 PM: : Error: Attempting to extrude with no tool selected.

    Where should I look for problems, or where do I "Select the Tool" for the Extruder. I have the Extruder cabled in to E0 on the Maestro. Is there somewhere or some setting in one of the system files that might possibly need to be tweaked?

  • Moderator

    Try adding 'T0' to the end of your config.g

    Or on the panel due touch the little button above the tool temp to select that tool.

  • I got it working..I DID NOT have my hot end up to temp. All is good!

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