Duet3d Wifi constant disconnects

  • [EDIT]

    I've found the update of WiFi server 1.22. Didn't recognized at first that there are different parts of the firmware. So, I thought it was up-to-date. After installing this update it seems to be reliable now. Though, I will keep close eye on the network and will respond to this post if it still disconnect.

    I'm sorry to raise your attention, though I shouldn't but working the Trouble Shooting Guid completely, first.



    I've setup Duet for my WiFi, but it is constantly disconnecting. What ever I do:

    • different channels
    • b/g/n

    it just connects to loose connection a few moments ago. How do I solve this problem? Research for the ESP-12S shows that this seems to be a common problem, but there is no overall solution, afaik.

    This is the only device with which I've a connection problem, so it's most certainly not my router (Netgear X6 R8000).

    I'm kind of lost and appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance,

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