Standby -> Active, temp lost

  • After a print my printer stands pre-heated (at 100C) in standby. When I start slicing my next print I click the heater in DWC to get to active and prepare for printing temp.

    But going from standby to active resets all the temps to zero.

    I'm a doing something wrong, or is it not ment to be used like this?

    Or maybe it is a bug...

    Duet Web Control 2.0.0-RC6

  • administrators

    Please try reverting to DWC 1.22/.x and see if the problem remains. There is a link in DWC 2 to do run the old version of DWC, in the User Interface page.

  • Tested old DWC too /reprap.htm an the behaviour is the same.

    But I think I understand the behavior now, the heater state is cycled Active->Standby->Off->Active-> ... and so on.
    So to go from standby ro active, manually, must go via off.

    So it seems to by design. But a better solution would be preferable, one where any of the states can be selected directly.

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