Temperature Tower Issue/Question

  • Is there anything special I need to do to change print temps during a print? I've used S3D to prepare my file and ran it through a python script to change temps every 50 layers. I can see in the output .gcode that there is a G10 Snnn every 40 layers but the temp doesn't change while printing. I've also tried using an M104 Snnn tring with the same results.

    This is a snippet of the code in my file:
    G1 X121.113 Y100.281 E0.0054
    G1 X121.045 Y100.148 E0.0054
    G1 E-1.5000 F1800
    ; layer 80, Z = 16.000
    G10 S240
    G1 Z16.000 F1002
    G1 X121.102 Y100.129 F4800

    While the printer is idle I can use the console to enter G10s and the DWC will update the temp display. Should the DWC follow the G10s in the file while printing?

    I've got to assume that I'm missing something.

  • Moderator

    I think you might need the P parameter for G10 to specify the tool? G10 P0 S240

    But M104 S240 should work

  • Thanks, that was it. I just assumed (I know) that if I had only one tool that I wouldn't need to specify it.

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