g-Code hints in g-code console

  • I suggest to add g-Code hints in g-code console, similar to hints in MSOffice

    Let say I start typing M106 command. With M10 typed it can show options


    • M104: Set Extruder Temperature
    • M105: Get Extruder Temperature
    • M106: Fan On

    Once i select or type M106 it will show possible options and provide link to our documentation site...

    samples are below. 🙂


    Pnnn Fan number (optional, defaults to 0)
    Snnn Fan speed (0 to 255 or 0.0 to 1.0))

    Extra Parameters

    Innn Invert PWM (I1), disable fan (I-1), or normal mode (I0, default)
    Fnnn Fan PWM frequency
    Lnnn Set the minimum fan speed (0 to 255 or 0.0 to 1.0) when a non-zero fan speed is requested.
    Xnnn Set the maximum fan speed (0 to 255 or 0.0 to 1.0) when a non-zero fan speed is requested. (supported in RRF >= 2.02)
    Bnnn Blip time - fan will be run at full PWM for this number of seconds when started from standstill. Default is B0.1.
    Hnn:nn:nn... Enable thermostatic mode and select heaters monitored. H-1 disables thermostatic mode.
    Rnnn Restore fan speed to the value it has when the print was paused (R1) or the last time the fan speed was set and no P parameter was provided (R2).
    Tnnn or Tnn:nn Set thermostatic mode trigger temperature, to temperature control range
    C"name" Set custom name for this fan (supported in RRF >= 2.01)
    Ann Logical pin number that this fan is connected to (supported in RRF >= 2.02)


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    Nice idea!

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