Breakout Board Output

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    I am currently designing a large scale printer which requires external stepper drivers. To run this i need to use the breakout board. The output pins on the breakout board are Step+,Step-,Dir+,Dir-,Enable+,Enable-.
    The stepper drivers i have been able to find do not include input pins with these names. Most of them use Pulse+,Pulse-,Dir+,Dir-,Motor Free+,Motor Free-.
    The direction signals must be the same, but is the following correct?

    Pulse+,Pulse- = Step+,Step-
    Motor Free+,Motor Free- = Enable+,Enable-

    The stepper driver i am looking at is the FMDT220A48NOM , from FUYU motion.

    Thank you
    Andreas Eplov, Zenvo Automotive.

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    @eplov said in Breakout Board Output:

    Pulse+,Pulse- = Step+,Step-
    Motor Free+,Motor Free- = Enable+,Enable-

    That sounds correct, although it is possible that the Motor Free terminals work in the opposite sense to Enable. If you find that the stepper motors are locked when you power up but become free when you try to move them (and don't move), swap the Motor Free + and - over.

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